Crazy haul

Not in a peace mood for shopping but since i was so down, need to go and bring happiness for myself. Reached there a bit late so the price has come down to $1 each, quality so so, crazy crowd.

30 items for 24$.

11 items at 50c each.

19 items at $1 each.

Like most of them but still have some diappointed as i didnt check the item properly, too crowded and i was run out of time as well.

Tube dress to off the shoulder top

A fast transformation and i do live the end result a lot. Sadly the cloth was quite thin so it torn after wearing twice. Anyway it was a good experience for me and i hoped i would be able to make more if this to wear.

I cut the tube top portion to make ruffle layer and use the skirt portion to make the rest of the top. Pairing with my $2 Forever21 shorts 🙂

Fashion haul 22 apr 2017

My last haul for april since I wont be able to go next saturday. So far I have gone almost every Sat and still find it very exciting 🙂

This tim I bought a total of 26 items for $50. There are not many dresses this time, most of the dresses are either too short, too small or too sexy for me. And same as last time, I found some of the items are not good quality/ not nice but dont know why I still pick them at 2$ each hehe. But nevermind then as they are already so cheap.

Peplum shorts to zara inspired wrap skorts

Bought this peplum shorts for less than 2$ and my hubby disliked it. I didn’t like the fabric pattern & color as well but the quality of fabric is good and it was quite comfortable to wear.

I didn’t like the peplum shape either, i would prefer it was a normal circle peplum instead of the weird triangle shapes. Originally I tried to alter as a shorts, it was easy to see how it was by just tucking the peplum inside the shorts.

It looked quite nice and since the shorts was slightly loose on me, I take in each side 0.5″ as well. But after wearing it for 1 hr I realized one leg was shorter than the other. I could alter by re-sew the hem of 2 legs to make it balance, but since the peplum was left with no use, i tried to make a zara inspired wrap skorts instead and it turns out just like what I wanted.

Inspiration and my progress…

And final result 😚